Emily Lehmann

Emily Lehmann

COURSE: Fashion Business & Promotion 2016



Shopping is as much about entertainment and engagement, as it is about utility.
Cultural Innovators and brands are employing geo location technology.
I am a BA (Hons) Fashion, Business and Promotion graduate, aspiring to be a fashion buyer. For my dissertation I carried out extensive research into how visual social media is impacting millennials in regards to their buying behaviour, and from this concluded a recommendation for retailer’s to connect with consumers with real and engaging spaces.

Therefore, for my final major project I focussed on many retailers focus on combining physical and digital systems. This is referred to as phygital and challenges people to be active participants within the brand, as opposed to passive consumers. It is becoming increasingly about providing shoppers with exciting and immersing moments, however, for online retailers creating this consumer engagement is challenging through having no physical space.

Aiming to heighten consumer engagement for online retailer ASOS, I created the concept ASOS Explore; a geographical campaign awarding consumers with digital content, when reaching pre-determined locations. ‘’Campaigns and information that can only be accessed in particular places enable a form of magic, not accessible through a click of a mouse’’ (LS:N, 2016). Encouraging consumers to explore new locations and events, this new concept will take place over a 12 month period and upon reaching a pre determined location participants will receive exclusive rewards and digital content sent directly to their smartphone. Aiming to capture ASOS’s savvy and innovation craving consumer, this concept will enable ASOS to be innovative leaders within the geo location marketplace, however, also establishing an offline presence.

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