Emily Lamb

Emily Lamb




"Buy less, choose well, make it last" – Vivienne Westwood

BA (Hons) Fashion Business and Promotion graduate aspiring to a full-time marketing job role. Extensive knowledge of both business and fashion skills learnt through practice throughout degree. Reliable, flexible and dedicated worker proven through 3+ years within the retail industry. Broad industry practice across various sectors such as social media management, visual merchandising and event management. Attention to detail, professionalism and commitment are strong qualities that have developed throughout studies and work experience.

Large body of research presented creatively within Adobe Indesign. Investigation into how beauty brands use social influencer marketing to target Generation Z, and whether influencers are a trustworthy source for the consumer. Organisational, planning and strong critical evaluation skills all used to effectively carry out extensive primary and secondary research into the topic area. Research found that it is essential for brands to keep up to date with the latest influencer social trends in order to maximise their marketing strategies as well as ensuring that they collaborate with honest influencers in order to engage Generation Z.

Following on from Dissertation, an in-depth research document was completed highlighting key drivers, lifestyle and cultural trend research within the cosmetics industry with the intent to create a new media concept. Three key drivers were found; Beauty is Sustainable, Beauty is Wellness and Beauty is Technological. From this the research showed a demand for the cosmetics industry to become more environmentally friendly and sustainable, especially amongst Generation Z, with the ‘Philanthroteen” consumer tribe being named as the target audience. From this ‘The Purify People’ was created, along with the app ‘Purify’.

Final Major Project
To develop the Final Major Project continued research into sustainable cosmetics was carried out. Leading from extensive research in this field during ‘Competition’ the consumer tribe was kept in mind to bring to life a shoppable app ’Purify’ by The Purify People, created in Competition. Adobe XD was used to curate the app. Indesign was used to create a business plan pulling together all research and aspects of the new business in a clear and concise format. Marketing mock-ups were produced using Adobe Photoshop to demonstrate how the marketing timeline would play out and what kind of posts, images and billboards would be used.