Emily Hancocks

Emily Hancocks

Emily Hancocks


Pathway: Design for Performance 2019


Micro Minerals

"It has been a pleasure to mentor Emily, she communicated well and has been professional. The final photo shoot is to a high, professional standard and is good enough to be uploaded to an e-commerce website" – Cherry Hurren

"Working with Emily was truly a pleasure. The final product looks amazing and it is so exciting seeing my art on this beautiful lingerie" – Arika Shaw

Cherry x emilyalison is in collaboration with Cherry Lingerie – an independent, handmade lingerie company based near Brighton. I was required to design a collection of 4 outfits which fitted in with the brand, ensuring that I met all of Cherry’s requirements. I also secured a second collaboration with Arika Shaw - an abstract, fluid artist based in Florida, USA. I chose to collaborate with an artist to enable a high-quality print to be developed which would be used on my final fabrics, throughout the collection.

I was given free reign to come up with the concept for this project; after looking through Cherry’s Instagram, I came across two posts - the first was an image of some crystals and the second was an image of a 1980s lingerie collection for Victoria’s Secret - both captioned with ‘inspiration’. This meant that Cherry was interested in both of these topics and they could possibly be something that she wants to explore within her company, but maybe doesn’t have the time to. I decided to focus on the 1980s lingerie trends - looking at the finishing techniques and styles during this era. I went to the Collections Resource Centre in Loughborough where I was able to physically look at lingerie from the 80s which enabled me to decide what garments to design and what techniques to use.

I chose to focus my concept on ‘Micro Minerals’ - which was taken from the image of the crystals - looking at minerals under the microscope. This appealed to me because of the variety of patterns and colour variations drawn from these images. I knew that from this, I would be able to explore patterns, textures, and colours to create my own print which would be used throughout the collection. I sent over imagery from looking at the minerals under the microscope to Arika Shaw and from this, she began to mock up some print designs for me to choose from. After playing around with the colours, I finally decided on my three final prints which can be seen throughout the collection.

The outcome of this collaboration was a photo shoot and a video, capturing the collection in a way in which it could be commercially sold. To add to this, a ‘launch party’ was held to showcase the collection and was used as an opportunity to advertise it to an audience and gain feedback for if it were to be sold.

This project would also not have been possible without the passion from Drew Kirkland (photographer), enthusiasm from Emily Davies (model) and production from Holly Androlia (videographer).