Emily Grantham

Emily Grantham

COURSE: Fashion Business & Promotion 2020


Independent Final Project

The Independent Final Project was driven from my dissertation on Generation Z’s attitudes on the YouTube platform and how the platform can affect their mental health from a young age; being addicted to watching content or becoming anxious and less social in society due to the excessive screen time.

Starting this module with a Research Document helped build ideas together, researching in to the gaming industry and the benefits it may have on individuals allowing them to feel more connected with others. Conducting consumer profiling, Key drivers and market sector trends helped form a concept.

The Independent Final Project focuses on improving Generation Z’s mental health and wellbeing through an augmented reality gaming app, WhereTO. The game is geared to empower people to go outside more and help them become more socially adept, improving their social skills and increasing individual’s confidence through completing small tasks and challenges.

Innovative features of WhereTO include; Augmented reality, that follows user’s environment in real time. Tasks and challenges that can be completed across the world, leading to rewards that users can redeem. The game is based on encouraging users through completing small day to day tasks that individuals may find challenging.

Final outcomes for this project include a Research Document, marketing materials, Branding and a business plan.

Throughout my University Degree, I have developed skills in Adobe InDesign, Photoshop and Illustrator, whilst conducting in-depth research on consumers and their behaviours and analysing new trends. Conducting Primary research, Field Research and Desk research to expand knowledge on new innovative topics. I have developed communication and presenting skills throughout modules to address my ideas.

I thrive to learn and develop new skills in a working environment and I am keen to gain new experience. After graduating, my plan is to find relevant experience in the fashion industry. During University there have been a range of modules I have found a real interest in; therefore, I would like to gain experience in, Marketing and PR and Buying. During the COVID-19 pandemic and the uncertainty of securing a job in these sectors, I am open to developing existing skills in part-time work or completing voluntary work.