Emily De Abreu Jardim

Emily De Abreu Jardim

COURSE: Textiles 2020


Printed Textiles and Surface Design 2020


Emotional Weather

This project is about using dramatic elements from the weather as a starting point, this project was to create four A1 scale textiles outcomes, each responding emotionally to extreme weather experiences.

The emotions expressed are Fear, Powerful, Frustrated and Anxious.

These textile art pieces are intended to give awareness about the change in weather that as a society we have noticed. The main inspiration was looking into natural disasters and dangerous weather that has affected our world, for example, the Australian bushfires. It let to the concern of how certain weather can trigger some emotions. and affect our mental health.

Each emotion has its own colour palette with print and embroidery processes used together, making textural surfaces as an important part of the project. Not only has this been explored with textiles, but large scale drawings were made and became a key part of the journey for design development.