COURSE: Fashion Business & Promotion 2016


TITLE: FORM by Dorothy Perkins

‘FORM’ by Dorothy Perkins is a fashionable and age appropriate business wear collection for females aged 16-24 years olds.
‘FORM’ will solve the current problem and fill the gap in the market for young female business wear on the high street.
Whilst conducting primary research for the Dissertation ‘How School Uniforms influence Style through the Psychological Perspective of Learned Behaviour’, it was discovered that young females are having difficulty finding business wear on the high street that meets their needs and desires. Young business wear is needed by younger girls to attend the increasing number of Sixth Forms that have introduced a business wear dress code. This issue highlighted a gap in the market; a gap, that ‘FORM’ by Dorothy Perkins can successfully fill.

‘FORM’ is a brand new young business wear collection that will be launched in June 2017 and will be sold by Dorothy Perkins; it is specifically designed and marketed to 16-24 year old females, who are in need of business wear. ‘FORM’ will be sold through the successful and well-established British high street retailer Dorothy Perkins. The products are age appropriate and suitable for a younger consumer to wear in a professional environment but the products still remain on trend and stylish. There is a mixture of core, fashion and trial lines for jackets, shirts, trousers, skirts and dresses, ranging in silhouettes to fit all shapes and sizes, colours, prints and textures, with mix and match options for the consumer to create their own individual look.

‘FORM’ aims to be the number one destination for age appropriate, suitable, on trend and stylish business wear on the high street that meets the needs and desires of the younger market.

The Final Major Project ‘FORM’ by Dorothy Perkins consists of four components: a Business Plan, a Marketing Plan, a Range Plan and a Research Book.

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