Emily Arden

Emily Arden

Emily Arden




'Mainstream media has created a culture of self-hate. It’s also pretty boring. We grew up being sold stories about purity, femininity and perfect happiness; now we want to tell new ones.’ (Ladybeard, 2018)'

A recent graduate in (BA Hons) Fashion Business & Promotion looking to start a career in the Fashion Buying Industry; strongly business minded with a creative flare, I am an organised and motivated individual, my ability to communicate effectively with others allows me to work well as a team member, aswell as a leader if required.

In my final year at BCU for my dissertation, I focused on the topics of idealised beauty, feminine standards and the detrimental effects this has on young women’s mental health. Channeling these topics through the cultural icon Barbie and exploring why young women feel the pressures from society to live up to unrealistic standards. Speaking to women and men all round the world via emails/ surveys and interviews enabled me to gain insight into the growing pressures and challenges surrounding body dissatisfaction and how perfection continues to rear its ugly head within society.

Following on from dissertation I ran with the thread of idealised beauty and developed a concept of escaping to a place where these standards are non existent. My research then turned to the health and wellness sector where I looked at the effects that the anxy epidemic is having on this generation and the innovative ways that people are using to tackle health issues in modern day society. I study the sudden growth in wellness apps and the decrease in patient doctor relationships and how unconventional methods of treatment are becoming the new norm.

The idea for my final major project is formed based on this initial research, ‘Bubble’ is a health and wellness app which allows users to disconnect with the outside world in order to reconnect with themselves and their inner beauty. The app will take users on a journey of self discovery, educating individuals on the importance of self care, health and wellness, mindfulness and inner beauty. In this project I collaborated with industry experts, a graphic designer assisted me with the general layout and design of Bubble and a student photographer sourced original images which were used in the social media campaign and marketing.

Alongside my degree I have completed a two week work placement as Missguided HQ in Manchester where I worked alongside the Buying Department (Jersey Tops). My experience at Missguided taught me essential skills such as how to create a comp shop, how to take notes in a fit meeting and how to use company software such as magento and map your tag, these are all transferable skills which I will take froward into industry with me.