Emilie Helliwell

Emilie Helliwell
Emilie Helliwell

Emilie Helliwell

COURSE: Textiles



Cultural Cohesion

Passion for travel and discovery drives the project. Absorption of atmosphere and surroundings feeds ideas and thinking. Bustling markets, ornate architecture and specs of scattered pattern highly inspire and are captured through photography.

In synchrony with world Westernisation, lesser recognised communities are becoming overpowered by modernisation. It is believed that elaborate festivals, exotic clothing and exquisite techniques are dying out, but is this the case? Dissemination of cultural references sees pattern, adornment and materials adapting to unlikely environments and melding in surprising combinations.
Modern metropolis’ are bursting at the seams with multicultural richness; flashes of ornate intricacy and noteworthy textures are updated with fresh yet loyal colours.

Cultural appreciation and contemporary references are fused to create an array of conceptual artefacts which celebrate traditional aesthetic. Smooth leather, wire and foil portray the fluidity of modern life whilst wool fibres pay homage to long-established communities. Motifs, compositions and textile methods are informed by the authentic dress, customs and typical patterning of far reached establishments. Time intensive techniques are combined to form eclectic, hand crafted outcomes. Collaging of cross-informed patterns blur cultural influences, creating a united aesthetic representative of the 21st century’s vast ethnic diversity.