Eloise Berry

Eloise Berry

COURSE: Fashion 2016

Pathway: Fashion Communication 2016

TITLE: Northern Grit

No nonsense characters keeping their homes and men in check
All power to the working class and all the other oppressed people right on!
Inspired by an article about the artist and sculptor Barbara Hepworth I decided to visit the Yorkshire Sculpture Park where her work is displayed. I was inspired by northern artists which lead me to stereotypical northern attitudes, kitchen sink drama aesthetics and everyday working class Britain. A vast collection of photographers from Martin Parr, Sefton Samuels and John Bulmer have all captured gritty and raw documentary style imagery with the north as their inspiration. My research lead me to the underground music and dance subculture of northern soul as well as the working class 80's subculture of the football casuals.
Eloise Berry

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