Ellie Maybury

Ellie Maybury

COURSE: Fashion Business & Promotion 2016


TITLE: Clarins Relaunch

Delivering an educational, tangible and sensory experience
The established beauty brand Clarins is well known for their high quality skincare range. However, many are unaware of their natural and ethical product development and core values. To increase awareness, to new and existing consumers, a redefined concession will be launched. This will utilise technology not normally seen in their concessions, providing an interactive experience whilst educating and demonstrating Clarins natural products and corporate responsibility to a wider audience. Mature affluent female professionals (FAB’s), will be targeted by these relaunched concessions.

The proposed layout of the revised concession can be seen in the above three-dimensional visualisation. This provides an insight into how the redefined, technologically advanced and increased floor plan will enhance and develop the Clarins experience within the John Lewis store.

Date, location and details of the relaunched Clarins concession can be seen in the smaller animation, together with examples of the Instagram posts.

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