Ellie Jade Mahon

Ellie Jade Mahon

COURSE: Fashion Business & Promotion 2018



Has Social Media influenced a faster paced transition from girl to young woman in Generation Z?

A recent graduate from Birmingham City University in BA (Hons) Fashion Business & Promotion. Over the three years at University, I have showed a key interest within the Business of Fashion, alongside the Marketing & PR sector. With also an extensive experience of over five years in the fashion retail sector, has benefited me to gain a widespread amount of knowledge going forward within my future career goals. This has been taken forward within my dissertation & final major project.

Through deep analysis reflecting within my dissertation. I researched into the positives and negatives effects of social media to young girls and whether it has an impact to their wellbeing and transition from young girl to woman. By looking into key influencers that are popular to the generation currently, I was able to understand where social media was going wrong in terms of showing a decline in mental health in younger people currently with their strain to reach for unrealistic perfection and making their online profile a priority over their reality.

When looking into future recommendations, digital resistance is something I saw as a key focus and inspiration point to take forward for my further project, Final Major Project.


With Digital Resistance in mind, and to extend my research in dissertation, my aim was to create an app specifically for Generation Z. What the app would entail would be an in-reward scheme where consumers would benefit from discounts on events, days out and favourites brands. However, how the reward scheme would work would be by minimising their mobile phone usage. In collaboration with a current brand Yondr; a service which offers phone free spaces to celebrities such as Alicia Keys and Childish Gambino. With the collaboration in mind, the phone would be locked in a secure pouch which would be used at specific entertainment zones within Birmingham, in which then consumers would receive their rewards either at the pop up stores provided in the event, or via the app for consumers who wanted to push themselves to be reward bigger and better. This business idea was executed through a detailed business plan which included collaborators, finances, marketing material and thorough research into the sector and their competitors

Throughout my three years at BCU I have thoroughly enjoyed learning the business side of the industry. Although originally from a heavily creative background, my experience at Superdry as a Marketing and PR intern has driven me to aim for a marketing and branding role and to continue learning about the industry every single day. I am also especially grateful for the knowledge, opportunity and experience I have had whilst being a student at Birmingham City University.

Video 1: LITM X YONDR Business Plan
Video 2 – App for Final Major Project
Video 3 - Dissertation

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