Ella Rose Tokar Cottrell

Ella Rose Tokar Cottrell



Final Major Project | Men-tion

"Being a man was not the opposite of being feminine or emotional. It was the opposite of being childish and immature. It meant having the courage to face your fears and responsibilities, but also not being afraid of your emotions or weaknesses." - Matthew Ryder

It's Time To Talk About The Men.

Men-tion is an offline print publication, safe space and wellbeing resource that provides young men with revamped perspectives on topics such as masculinity, mental health and modern identities within a contemporary culture. Men-tion was built to defy the traditional behaviours within society that define men as strong, dominant and emotionless (SOFA Magazine, 2018), by creating an open and independent platform that captures 'masculinity' and mental health from multiple dimensions. With suicide being the leading cause of death within young men in the UK (Mental Health Foundation, 2018), it is clear that society is in dire need of open conversations about what it truly means to be 'masculine' today.

Men-tion is targeting young men aged 16 to 28, who fall across two dominant and pragmatic generations; Generation Z and Millennials. These digital natives have an innate knowledge of the internet and with the bombardment of online images, these individuals, especially young men, are particularly vulnerable to mental health issues (Owen and Napoli, 2018). Despite the rapid decline in wellbeing amongst youths, many are choosing to take control over their health by actively seeking ways to better their inner sense of self (Friend, Houghton, McGregor and Radin, 2018). Men-tion is responding to this shift in youth culture by providing opportunities for young men to embrace their individuality and feel more accepted within a society rife with stereotypes and expectation.

With positive content curated with young creatives, health professionals and organisations, Men-tion is not a destination that dwells on mental health woes, but instead is a community of young male voices that aren't defined by their mental state, masculine label, or individual sense of style. Men-tion print publication an opportunity to switch off from a hyper-digital world and fully immerse oneself in a tangible platform that has the wellbeing of its readership at its core. With passion and integrity, Men-tion is changing the 'masculinity' game, by providing unfiltered and intelligent content that envisions 'masculinity' as multi-faceted, designed for a young male consumer that is craving a shift in the way society perceives manhood and promotes macho culture.

The final outcomes for this Final Major Project included a Men-tion print publication, a business plan, marketing material, branding and style guide and a digital portfolio submitted to Graduate Fashion Week.

It's okay to talk. It's okay to just be.