Ella Howarth

Ella Howarth

COURSE: Fashion Business & Promotion 2017


TITLE: StyleMode


StyleMode – The social fashion shopping app. Combining image-led social media with mobile shopping.
“A brand’s presence on social media now predominantly inspires and influences purchase decision."
A recent graduate at Birmingham City University studying Fashion, Business and Promotion. Through an exploration of social media marketing influencing purchase decision when completing my dissertation, it has been identified that social platforms help brands inspire their consumers but don’t encourage purchasing as effectively. Therefore my final major project involved developing a new app that would enable consumers to easily purchase whilst browsing their favourite fashion brand's profiles.

StyleMode is a new social fashion platform that merges high- street fashion brands together in one app and features products from both in-store and online. By using different features of the app StyleMode allows consumers to filter products through reviews and pricing and enables consumers to buy directly from the app.
The app targets both Generation Z and Millennials, the ‘tech savvy’ generations that use fashion to reflect their identity and use social media to inspire and influence their personal style.

StyleMode believes online shopping can be a fun and engaging experience. It aims to combine the instant purchasing of items through mobile apps with inspirational social media content and provide consumers with a unique experience that is unavailable elsewhere. As both consumer and brand develop visual profiles on the app, StyleMode aims to strengthen the C2B relationship that is limited on any other shopping app.

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