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Ella Dean Events x Mind x Spotify

We all have that one song we rely on to make us feel good. A song which reminds us of a friend, family member or specific memory. Music has the ability to change our mood, relieve pain and cause physical changes in our body.

My passion and industry career interest turned to music during my studies at university and I was fortunate enough to be able to explore this in my final year of studies. I explored the commercialisation and saturation of the music festival industry due to conformity amongst generations Y and Z for my dissertation (see images right). From this, I developed an event concept for a personalised music event in attempts to eliminate the pressures to conform as well as exploring music as a therapy for anxiety and depression.

For my final major project, I developed a touring event concept for Spotify in partnership with Mind to educate students about the mental health benefits of listening to music. The concept explored fortifying resilience against anxiety and depression by recalling positive memories and creating associations with music. The concept USP was the Spotify PODS. These were transportable projection rooms used to help individuals create associations between memories and songs in a new and innovative sensory experience.

I wrote a business plan discussing the consumer, competitors, operations, finance and future growth of the concept. In collaboration with Tom Ferror, a graphic designer, a media pack was created to showcase event poster design on all social media platforms. I also created 'other content' posts based on the research of content Spotify already produce on their social media sites.

Finally, to put the concept to trial, and showcase my event management skills, I put on an event at Cafe Artum in Birmingham to raise awareness and money for Mind, as well as educating and inspiring guests to use music as a coping and support mechanism when feeling anxious or down.

100% of feedback said they felt educated about the effects music has on our mind and body.
100% of feedback said they felt inspired to use music as a tool to relieve feelings of anxiety and depression.
Over £200 was raised for Mind.

Please enjoy the after movie for the event. Filmed and edited by Maxwell Media