elizabeth stokes

elizabeth stokes

COURSE: Fashion Business & Promotion 2021


Final Major Project


My dissertation is titled The Pandemic Zeitgeist: How has Trauma and the Negative Societal Issues Created Mistrust in High Street Brands. It concluded that it was crucial for brands to be relatable post pandemic. Due to consumers value systems being stripped back to basics it is important to acknowledge this and cater to the new mindset.

Also due to the lack of trust between consumer and brands at the moment businesses need to be more transparent towards consumers in order to rebuild the trust. Consumers need brands who will live by their values.

Leading on from my dissertation I created a virtual shopping platform called Encounter in order to adhere to the pent up demand for in person shopping. Encounter would be a platform that collaborated with brands where consumers would be able to create avatars and walk around the store looking at clothes from the comfort of their own homes. Encounter would be the perfect platform for the consumers who miss shopping but aren’t quite comfortable returning back into stores yet.

The platform would also include a range of influencers or celebrities that the consumer could choose from to host them around the virtual store showing them their favourite bits as well as giving helpful advice.

However the most unique feature of Encounter is its pricing strategy. As explained in the business plan in reaction to the post pandemic economic situation consumers on Encounter will log in using their government gateway and then get discounts depending on their income.

My set of skills that I have acquired throughout university such as Adobe Indesign, Photoshop and Illustrator will benefit me whilst working in a Public Relations role. Also as my personality has always been naturally outgoing and extraverted I would easily be able to apply myself in any situation that was asked off me in a professional role.

Throughout my university experience I have developed my skills in different aspects of fashion business and am now ready to transfer what I learnt into my chosen career in Public Relations.