Elizabeth Parsons

Elizabeth Parsons

Elizabeth Parsons

COURSE: Fashion Business & Promotion 2021


A graduate in BA (hons) Fashion Business and Promotion aspiring for a visual merchandising career.
This passion has been shown through projects within university such as trend forecasting, buying and merchandising and to my job where I have assisted with visual merchandising and store displays within the retail environment. University gave me industry knowledge, terminology as well as research and communication skills. Through both university and my current job in retail helped develop my skills and passion towards visual merchandising.

This module was about developing a new future trend which was explained through a manifesto. The trend was developed through analysing macro and micro trends as well as doing extensive research through news websites, magazines, social media and cross sector analysis to spot threads that could be developed into trends. The project also helped with understanding consumer tribes and their needs and values.
The trend developed from this was lab created luxury. A trend which highlights lab created materials such as leathers and furs which has increased due to the rise of veganism as well as a way to reduce the amount of waste and environmental damage created from the production of the leather making process.

A project in collaboration with George Asda to produce a range based on sustainability. This module gave me Adobe Illustrator CAD drawing skills to build the range and communicate my ideas. Also gaining knowledge of comp shops, consumer trends, gaps in the market and material research, also producing critical paths, lead times and working out costings for the range based on material research.

This was a live group project working alongside Selfridges to produce a store display or experience. The module included cross industry analysis and trend research to help understand consumer patterns in order to produce a concept that would appeal to the Selfridges customer. The project developed my knowledge of visual merchandising terminology and key aspects of how the retail space works and is designed in order to produce a concept that was both strategic and visually appealing as well as keeping to Selfridges core brand values.

Trend Forecasting and Buying and Merchandising extracts.

Dissertation extract.

Visual Merchandising concept video.