Elisha Faye Eardley

Elisha Faye Eardley

COURSE: Fashion Business & Promotion 2020



BA (Hons) Fashion Business and Promotion Graduate 2020 with a passion for Social Media, Marketing and Influencer Outreach. Eager to gain, learn and develop new and existing skills, which can be applied to a creative and business focused role.

Social media and influencer marketing studies have been prominent throughout most projects, as well as gaining experience in my internship with Hissy Fit Clothing. I am extremely passionate about the fast-fashion and beauty sector and excited to progress into industry, to further improve on and put to use hard and soft skills that I have obtained throughout university.

Independent Final Project 

"Four out of five UK consumers say they are more likely to trust a customer review rather than a well known influencer"(Bazaarvoice).

A lack of trust between consumers and influencer product advertisements has lead to brand transparency and authenticity, which is why Generation Z find their peer reviews more valuable. An emphasis on engaging, inspiring and rewarding consumers has created YouSay. A beauty product review website, in partnership with Beauty Bay, which focuses on trustworthy reviews. It enables Generation Z to share honest opinions on Beauty Bay products they have tested, whilst also getting rewarded.

Dissertation | “UK Female Fashion Influencers”

How they are shaping the future for fast fashion retailers, young Millennials and Generation Z through social media content. The dissertation observes how influencers impact consumers through social media and the repercussions of this. The importance of influencer marketing within fast-fashion marketing strategies is shown through research of micro and macro influencers, interviews with industry experts and influencers, and an analysis between paid promotion and brand ambassadors. Finally touching on mental health considerations and future progression for the industry.

Marketing & PR

A campaign on celebrity online hate, which would educate and make consumers more aware, decreasing the amount of online hate against public figures. The severity of the issue was documented through historic and current campaigns and a perception audit and SLEPT analysis. Tactics, crisis plans, costings, PR and marketing metrics were also completed, along with an action timeline of the campaign, finally observing retention.