Eleanor Simpson

Eleanor Simpson

COURSE: Fashion Business & Promotion 2020


BA (Hons) Fashion, Business and Promotion

About Me

As I’m coming up to the end of my degree and look back over the three years studying I undertook at Birmingham City University, I realise how much it has shaped me as a person. This course has allowed me to grow, not only in confidence but has given me the guidance needed to partake in both part time jobs and work experience, including working for Schuh throughout my degree, work experience with Harvey Nichols, Bewonder*, Flowers at Moor St and Topshop, all of which has helped me to identify the career path I’d like to take after university.

Some of my favourite modules from the years are Trend Forecasting, Buying and Merchandising, PR and Marketing, Events Management (some of which you can see in the video). These modules allowed me to mould my Dissertation and my Final Major Project into exactly what I’d like them to be. My Dissertation title was “The Genderless Generation - Undressing the gender norms in childrenswear”. The research undertaken for this topic led me to base my Final Major Project also this subject. I designed a childrenswear gender neutral range, a physical store including a play area and a cafe for this called “The Baby Project”. I also created some marketing materials for this as shown on the image on the right. As part of our module we also had to create a business plan, as seen on the left.

The topics studied and my Final Major Project has enabled me to explore my creativeness and enhance my business knowledge, which is an excellent foundation for a career in the fashion industry. I got a 1st in Buying and Merchandising and it was definitely my favourite module, so I included in my FMP.  I would love to pursue a career in Buying in the future, especially with a focus on childrenswear. However I am aware that this is a niche market and with the current situation (Covid-19) getting a job may be harder than expected. I would love to complete further studies in the meantime, either completing a masters degree or a PCGE, allowing me to teach in the future.

Music: Marribou State - Glasshouses.