Eleanor Rutter-Butcher

Eleanor Rutter-Butcher




A digital tiered loyalty scheme that rewards consumers of high end high street for their loyalty with unique, immersive and exclusive experiences.

"Loyalty is difficult to maintain and brands must strive to provide excellent customer service and a unique way to market their products to remain exciting and inspiring." (Reimer, L. 2018).


BA (Hons) Fashion Business and Promotion graduate, aspiring to be employed within the fashion PR sector. Dynamic, confident and charismatic individual looking for a city based role at entry level. Various modules and relevant work experience has created enthusiasm and sparked an interest in PR, social media and consumer behaviour that can be applied to roles within the industry.


The dissertation titled: ‘Has a rise in the accessibility of designer fashion brands and a change in consumer demand affected the luxury fashion sector and has it caused a loss of exclusivity?’ investigated the current social struggles within the luxury fashion sector and discussed how the industry is changing based on a number of factors such as counterfeit goods and the rise of outlet stores.

This dissertation required in-depth research and analysis of the luxury fashion sector using both primary and secondary methods of research. Primary research methods included: surveys, focus groups and interviews with industry professionals.

It was found that although luxury items are increasing in availability- there is no real loss of exclusivity, there is just vast changes in the way consumers are shopping- i.e. online- in particular millennials.


Following on from the dissertation research, recommendations were formulated. One recommendation was that high end high street retailers should use marketing and promotional methods/ strategies favoured by luxury brands to create the same excitement and hype around these brands. This exploration lead to the hypothetical concept: Exclumode being created.

"51% of consumers said they value access to ‘exclusive’ events, products and sales. Also, the idea of perks such as earning points redeemable against purchases are attractive to consumers." (Coffee, P. 2014).

The concept focused on ensuring consumer loyalty for high end high street brands such as AllSaints, Whistles and Ted Baker. This was done by rewarding loyalty to these brands with experiences that money cannot buy- therefore boosting their exclusivity and making them extremely covetable. There are also functions on the app such as a personal shopping element, trend analysis and instant messaging service to connect with other consumers, ideal for consumers that have a high expendable income but are time poor.

A business plan containing a detailed marketing plan, financial forecast and outcomes was devised. Creative outcomes for the concept included a new media digital app, website, promotional video, social media promotional material, physical marketing material and press release. This was aided by collaborating with industry professionals, including app designer, videographer, accountant and model.

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