Eleanor Morby

Eleanor Morby

COURSE: Fashion Business & Promotion 2021


Plus Size Male Body Positivity

Men in Pants 2022

“all these collections that embrace femininity are showing it on a lean or muscular male body,” - Dr Ben Barry

Throughout my three years at university, I have come to realise that my main passion in the industry is marketing and social media campaigns for body positivity. It is important for me to have a strong value for inclusivity within the marketing field. Throughout my marketing module I developed a further understanding on marketing business skills and have developed this further by being the marketing manager in my events management and collaborative module in my second year. Throughout these three modules my passion for marketing became very clear.

For my Independent Final Project I delve deep into men's plus size fashion and marketing. Finding what is out there for men that is not a look alike of a Calvin Klein’s model. Seeing how men feel about the derivative adverts created for men’s underwear and how they make the average male feel self-conscious about their own bodies. I developed this idea further by creating a marketing campaign collaboration with self-love brand Step One and charity Movemeber. To develop men's marketing further, taking inspiration from Fenty's underwear collection in October 2020 and seeing the public’s reaction to one plus size male model in the campaign and noticing how positive the reaction was from the public online. Seeing this reaction and developing it further to create the first all-male plus size campaign. Using the Step Ones underwear to show the plus size models, promoting body positivity for men to the public and that it is okay not to be any shape and/or size. Introducing the charity Movember to create a cause behind the campaign to help men feel comfortable in their own bodies and not hide behind hoodies anymore. Using Movember in the campaign gave men the opportunity to speak out about their mental health problems.
This particular project showed me how creating a new campaign in this current climate is useful, allowing me to develop my online marketing skills further by using, ADIA, SWOT, PEST, market map. Focusing on customer value for the campaign. Using the campaign and men's mental health statistics to me the opportunity to target the campaign to two different age groups giving me a variety of people to look into. Who would benefit the most from this campaign? Targeting men aged 25-29 and 45-49. This gave us Men in Pants 2022.