Ee Hue Lim

Ee Hue Lim

COURSE: Fashion Business & Promotion 2017


TITLE: SneakPeak - Mobile Marketplace


"Inspiration, Interaction, Excitement and Socialization."
Snap, Shop, Chat. Get immerse with SneakPeek to posses a seamless mobile shopping experience in everywhere and anytime.
After three years of degree study, I had learnt a lot of knowledge and gained different kinds of experience in my degree. All these skills and techniques that I learnt, helped a lot during my final major project. In my research, the innovative mindset allowed me to discover the needs of online marketplace and mobile commerce. This initiate the inspiration for my Perspective Dissertation and Competition title, which is to explore the connection between online marketplace and social networking platform that adapt to consumer in Malaysia fashion market. Throughout the final major project, all the skills I equipped during my degrees (for example: conduct primary and secondary research, key drivers, consumer research, data analysis, marketing plan, marketing mix and finance plan) allowed me to produce an innovative and professional outcome.

SneakPeek is a mobile marketplace that aim to create new mobile shopping experience and increase the fashion scene in Malaysia. The m-commerce had become an emerging market trend in Malaysia. However, the online service level, cyber security, quality and quantity of fashion store on the Malaysia online market are still falling behind the trend. The mission of SneakPeek is to solve all these problems and provide a different kind experience for Malaysian. SneakPeek is targeting to enter the market as an exaltation quality fashion mobile marketplace in Malaysia during the early 2018. SneakPeek creates innovative idea which integrate the augmented reality technology with the fashion marketplace. SneakPeek assurance to deliver high quality service platform that include fashion marketplace, social platform, fashion guide information and AR fitting room. It is to contrive a new shopping experience to the consumer. By introducing the creative concept, it will become a pioneer player enter the market.

SneakPeek will be present in an interesting, quirky yet fashionable visual quality app content to attract the target consumer (Generation Z). As Gen Z born to be a digital user who love online and mobile shopping, therefore the concept of SneakPeek will be easily adapt into their behavior. To ensure SneakPeek enter the market successfully, it will apply the online marketing strategy and planned a year advertising timeline. As Malaysia is a multi-culture and rich traditions country, SneakPeek will be advertising through different cultural festival. Through these marketing strategies, it will raise brand awareness in the society. Furthermore, to develop a good visual identity of SneakPeek, collaboration had been done with two graphic designers to create branding visual, mock-up app and packaging effects to ensure SneakPeek will produce an unique and excitement brand identity in the market.

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