Doris Andreea Hancos

Doris Andreea Hancos

Doris Andreea Hancos

COURSE: Fashion Business & Promotion 2021



ALPHA SENSES - Empowering children with behavioural disorder through photography.

"I don't want to teach kids to merely follow instructions, I want to create free-thinking mavericks who are empowered with the skills to change the world" Ben Edmonds

During the global pandemic, many parents have seen their children experiencing anxiety, sadness and other behaviour challenges, struggling on finding ways to help and support them and nonetheless asking themselves how this pandemic will affect their children in the long term.
Despite the fact that digital world is part of the child life, there is a need for a balance between online and real world. During the past years it has been an emerging sector in terms of children development such as: outdoor play areas, national trust campaigns, forest schools, special programs designed for children wellbeing and mental health focus.

The business idea came as a demand to help children that need support and structure to thrive during the coronavirus crisis, understanding that every child deserves the best possible chance to reach their potential.
Alpha Senses is an educational and informative online platform for children aged 7-11, and their parents. The package of key features of this platform are specially designed to help the children to deal with anxiety disorder and ADHD in a creative way through photography.

Art offers the opportunity for a child to function as independently possible, even though they are depending on others so often. By making independent choices and decisions, they are aided to define themselves in terms of personal tastes and styles, discovering their identities.
The meaning of art therapy reflects that it is compulsory to involve both art and therapy; thus, the goal of art activity should be principally therapeutic, also might include a diagnosis and a treatment.
The benefits of this visual art form such as photography have the power to unlock conversation with kids and shows how visually aware, they are.
Through photography, children are able to express themselves and create their own visual language, using their imagination and naturally capturing unusual perspectives, without having the concern of “bad” photograph.
Moreover, this form of visual art enhances the children’s intrinsic motivation and exploratory drive, the produced images showing what is important for them and their unique perception about the world.

Doris Andreea Hancos