Dominique Maynard

Dominique Maynard

COURSE: Fashion 2016

Pathway: Fashion Communication 2016

TITLE: IMAE; Imaedenotion

But don't you ever apologise for the way your eyes refuse to stop shining...
Sense comes at the most senseless times and wonder comes when the world is dull.
This concept is inspired by the brand's vision of a child's imagination through an exclusive girlswear range. Imae, the brand, has creative expression and a fun art direction as the key driver's for the brand's identity and visual influence. Throughout, whimsical and eccentric qualities are featured however Imae focuses mainly on reflecting and creating the perfect imaginative atmospherics. Imae aims to be a brand that's sole notion surrounds being a real life imagination utopia for children, a place for only positivity.

This is a Spring Summer 2017 range that will be sold exclusively in a temporary and and touring pop up concept store; featuring key princess skirt silhouette's, timeless denim and pastel, yellow and orange accents throughout.
Dominique Maynard

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