Dominic Stevens

Dominic Stevens
Dominic Stevens

Dominic Stevens

COURSE: Fashion 2021


Design for Performance 2021



hello and thank you for clicking my page my name is Dominic and I'm a costume illustrator
I love to be able to draw both traditionally and Digitally and concstaly like to adapt my skill to new lengths . i like to work with many different medias in my work, my favourite thing to do is play around with colour colour play a major role in me as a designer as I believe colour give the soul to a design. I use bright and dark shade to give depth to my work my interested in costume comes from character in video game and anime which lead me into character design I have just worked on my final project
where I work with a illustrator to create character art for a world called Arlayous and magical real of fairy and elf.

within this project I did research into the themes of fantasy with the research I found weird links that tie different fantasy creatures tougher which inspired the characters that can be seen on my page, these are the character made for the world of Arlayous and along side these bright and vibrant characters I have create a costume for one being a kitsune.

what is a kitsune well a kitsune is a spiritual foxes witch can control fire they shapeshift into different from such as a human and like to play trick the costume I have made for this project took inspiration from kitsune they come from japense origin and in human form they wear kimonos.
for my project I created a fire tone kitsune inspired costume and the costume can be worn both way the red to represent their tricker side with the panelling being that of trick box and red as they control fire, and the other cherry blossom side is because they come from and are spirts so I used white and black to show a more spiritual ghostly side , I really had fun on this project creating my own characters and making a costume for the character this really allowed me to show my pattern cutting skill with all the panel and my design skill it was the best of both worlds.
Dominic Stevens