ding bang alex choy

ding bang alex choy

COURSE: Fashion Business & Promotion 2020



"Hunt the perfect sound"


Recently graduated from Birmingham City University in BSc (Hons) Fashion Business and Promotion. I am extremely keen to discover and learn new things and skills. A thoughtful and challenging nature allowed me to be able to handle problems independently. I am driven to utilise my knowledge and secure a career in New Media Operation or Digital Media Production.

Final Major Project - Project:Sound Hunter

Since the TV show, Rap of China, came out in 2017, appearance of this variety show had made the trend of hip hop started to spread in China even impacted surrounding areas. The show also shows the audiences in China that to produce a hip hop music as a music amateur and be a music artist is not impossible to achieve. It led a growing number of people wished to engage in music production in China (Moore, 2017). However, if these new music artist wish to appear in the public view, they have to reach to the mix engineers to finalised the audio, in order to make the music quality reach the industrial standard to pleasant audiences ears. It is a challenge for people who is fresh in music industry and circle to connect to a professional music producer or mix engineer. On the other hands, there is lack of platform for mix engineers to look for job and order as an individual which make the mix engineers developing future become challenging. Therefore, the idea of the project, Sound Hunter came out.

The concept of Sound Hunter is an offers/orders distribution platform. The music artists (Vocalists) can upload their unoptimised track files to the platform and create an “bounty mission” waiting for the “bounty hunter”, the music producers/engineers, to pick up the order. Or the artists can also directly contact and offer a request to the producers via the platform. All the process is clear and transparency to the platform to ensure the benefit of both side.

PR & Marketing - HUMAN:

‘HUMAN’ campaign collaborate with Uniqlo that is spreading the message to raise the awareness of anti-racism and equality to the society by deliver messages via product line and huge interactive graffiti in public to create a better and more equal living environment. It devotes to break the wall between the ethnicity groups to prompt the better communication and understanding.

Throughout both modules, the visual layout was carefully considered to reflect the concepts whilst keeping a consistent layout throughout. During the Final Major Project appropriate marketing material was created to establish a strong brand identity across all platforms displaying my skills within visual marketing.