Demi McPhillips

Demi McPhillips



BA (Hons) Fashion Business & Promotion

As I graduate from a BA (Hons) Fashion Business and Promotion degree, the last three years has given me the guidance to develop myself and identify the career I would like to pursue, that being Visual Merchandising. During my time on the course, I have studied in depth, numerous roles within the industry from Marketing and PR, Events, Buying & Merchandising, Trends Forecasting and many more. With constant referencing to what is going on in the world around us, and how that is influencing the fashion industry, this crafted the work I created during my final year for my dissertation, which is the sexual injustice women face on daily basis and how the #MeToo movement has shaped the way for women to securely come forward and make a stand.


During our Visual Merchandising module we was able to work alongside the Selfridges Birmingham team, to come up with a concept for their new ‘Radical Luxury’ campaign that would go on throughout 2018-19. I am very passionate about styling fashion pieces, so the freedom with this module really meant we could go out of our comfort zone and try something different. Myself and my team chose food, and came up with Minus – a fine-dining vegan eating experience.


Outside of university, I have gained a lot of knowledge of Visual Merchandising, working in retail for four years. Even though I am a sales assistant, I have always expressed my passion for Visual Merchandising and have been lucky enough to have a great relationship with my Visual team, that allow me to take on the role when support is needed.


During my second year on the course, I did a two-week placement working very closely with my Visual team at work. From this I learnt new terminology, routines and methods, and the managerial role that comes with it. It was very hands on, and hard-working, which gave me a real insight into the role and what to expect if I did want to pursue it. My team was very impressed with my work and I was put forward for progression to a Visual Merchandiser when I graduate.


Alongside my interest in Visual Merchandising, I have a lot of experience in social media as fashion blogging is another aspiration of mine. I have worked closely with numerous brands and companies to help promote their products to my following.