Demi Barley

Demi Barley

COURSE: Fashion Business & Promotion 2020



Fashion Business and Promotion has allowed me to gain an insight into many different job roles, including my desired job role, Marketing and Public Relations, or Events.

Marketing and Public Relations - A Marketing Campaign focusing on knife crime, and the effects it has on victims and their families. This module required an academic report, and a verbal presentation, developing my research skills. Exploring the parameter of my cause, constructing a marketing and PR strategy to support my ideation on Knife Crime.

Events - An Event that was a team effort, whereby me and 7 team members had to plan, promote and carry out, raising as much money as possible in the process for our chosen charity Saint Basils. The event plan detailed marketing, sponsorship, promotion, PR and finance. The event was required to understand the Charity as a brand and align itself with the brand and identify a target consumer. Our company name was “REL-EVENTS”, and we created a “blogger-style event”, attracting over 100 guests raising a total of £1255.55 for the charity, predominantly made up of entry tickets, raffles and auctions.

Buying and Merchandising – A life project with George ASDA, that required me to build and design a range for their SS19 collection. I designed and created a collection of “Boys Bottoms”, featuring a Gender-Neutral skort. To decide on my final range, I explored different methods of research such as; a comp shop, catwalk research, concept imagery and different key shapes and bestsellers.

Major Project – A comprehensive and independent report on a specialist related topic of my choice, body image. This was shown through a written report, where I explored and challenged the established parameters of body image, demonstrating the relationship between the theory and practice. I evaluated the contextual issues from a social, cultural and historical perspective.

Final Major Project - A Final Major Project report evidently showing the analysis and justification of the development of a fashion magazine. The fashion magazine is a Gender-Neutral magazine, that is called “WO-MAN”. WO-MAN is the beginning of the journey. Individuals needs to not only recognise but also need to accept gender. There is no right or wrong, allowing individuals to be who they want to be. So, we ask ourselves WHO IS WHO?...