Darrah O’Sullivan

Darrah O’Sullivan

COURSE: Fashion 2017

Pathway: Garment Technology 2017

TITLE: Industry Collaboration with George


Darrah was able to create a summer collection, from initial development through to final outcomes based on the brand's designs
During FMP I worked directly with industry, taking initial designs through development and manufacturing process’ to produce final outcomes. Taking on the role as supplier, I was able to liaise with the brand, work to required specifications and manage the critical path during all stages of production. In collaboration with George at ASDA I have been able to communicate with the brand, and present to them finished garments by attending two fit meetings. This process started by creating initial garment patterns from specifications, followed by the construction of seal and production samples. Any necessary amendments were made too these patterns after attending first fit. I was then able to manually grade each individual pattern, before digitizing these patterns to create graded nests ranging from a size 10-18. Once the patterns had been finalised I was able to create Layplans and accurate costings, alongside detailed technical packs and specification charts using Gerber, Photoshop and Illustrator.
PERSONAL WEBSITE: https://darrahosullivan.wixsite.com/darrahosullivan
Darrah O’Sullivan
Darrah O’Sullivan

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