Danni Labram

Danni Labram

COURSE: Fashion Business & Promotion 2016


TITLE: The Kooples "ON ME" Diffusion Line

As a result of a change in attitudes, gender rules and stereotypes are disappearing.
To what extent will the retail industry need to adapt to this.
Traditionally gender has been seen as biological, with individuals being either male or female. These gender norms have been challenged throughout 2015, with many people now seeing gender as subjective, with half of the millennial generation viewing gender as a spectrum that should not be limited. Individuals are now able to define their own gender identity based on the expanding terminology of gender fluidity. As the gender debate increases within society, brands will need to follow a more gender neutral approach to marketing and product design. Brands will need to diversify and promote inclusion to attract these new consumers.

Applying changes in gender attitudes to fashion brand The Kooples, the diffusion line “ON ME” was developed in order to transcend traditional notions of gender, blurring the boundaries of what it means to be male or female. Whilst the diffusion line is unisex, it also aims to create products with quality and fits to suit all consumers, aiming to be inclusive and open to all gender identities. “ON ME” aimed to encourage consumers to think about what garments mean to them and how the same product can change depending on the wearers identity.
Danni Labram

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