Danita Kartalova

Danita Kartalova

Danita Kartalova

COURSE: Fashion Branding & Communication 2020


Realistically Speaking: a fashion photogrpahy book

Sustainable Styling & Creative Direction

Ethics + Aesthetics = Sustainable Fashion

I believe fashion is about change. The main focus of my dissertation was to analyse the influences of one to become a sustainability activist in fashion today, questioning whether that is a trend or a form of influenced behaviour. With that, I have not only developed a deep understanding of the behaviour of consumers but have also gained a better understanding of how the fashion system works from business to consumer and how it could be made more sustainable. In other words, I believe that the fashion industry, influenced by a trend or not, is going to develop into a completely new ethical and sustainable system or otherwise it might lose the interest of the upcoming generations.

Final Major Project
Through my studies, I have developed a wide range of transferable skills across a variety of sectors such as Styling, Photoshoot Organisation, Branding, Trend forecasting, and Writing for fashion. With the additional knowledge learned during my Erasmus Exchange in Milan as well as my new passion to incorporate sustainable practices in my work as an aspiring stylist, I have decided to create a project that would put that idea into practice. Two of the objectives, for my final major project, was first to create visually stimulating fashion images on important sustainability issues in our society and second, to use only eco-conscious methods for the styling of the models, or using sustainable brands and vintage clothes. The final outcome was a physical copy of the look book, produced with sustainable print technique and eco-friendly paper.

Future objectives
For the future, I aim to actively search for opportunities that will allow developing my skills and knowledge of the industry further. With the intent to not restrict myself to a single title as a sustainable stylist and creative director, I would like to remain open for other areas in the fashion industry such as trend development, branding, content creation, and magazines.