Danielle Richardson

Danielle Richardson

Danielle Richardson

COURSE: Fashion Business & Promotion 2020


Whispering Eye

You can not be empowered if you are not informed

A graduate in BA (Hons) Fashion Business and Promotion desiring a career in buying within the luxury market. Throughout my degree, I’ve gained skills including consumer analysis, looking into values and behaviours through theoretical studies to develop and deliver innovative and creative strategies. Work experience in fashion retail has enabled me to understand the fashion industry along with my degree.

Final Major Project

Whispering Eye is a platform that offers sex education for young women which targets 16-25 year old women throughout the UK. Whispering Eye’s focus was to educate young women on taboo subjects surrounding sex education that their schools were failing to teach them. Research shows that schools throughout the UK are failing to deliver sufficient and relevant sex education to their pupils. From this young adults have begun teaching themselves sex education through using the Internet referring to porn as a method of self-teaching. Through collaboration with an artist, a clear brand identity was established using imagery and visuals targeted to the generation z demographic.

A magazine was published including collaborative features from women and members of the LGBTQ+ community discussing sex advice and stories and facts from the NHS website on safe sex. The magazine represents an opportunity for the audience to read experiences from peers that they can relate to as a new era of female empowerment is emerging around sex/body positivity. Alongside the magazine, a website and app were created as part of the Whispering Eye platform. From these the reader could access articles, the whispering eye blog and event dates and times for events surrounding sex education. The magazine was also available to buy on both the website and app.

A business plan and marketing visuals were produced to support the final major project concept. Collaborators from industry experts guided the research following the business idea.


Title: ‘What is the current impact of gender discrimination within the fashion industry at an executive level?’

The focus of this study was to evaluate gender discrimination within the fashion industry and explore why men dominate top-ranking positions within the industry. The research aims at gaining an understanding of how gender discrimination exists within the fashion industry and the impact of sexism. The primary and secondary research enabled the author to gain an insight into the public’s perception of gender discrimination and sexism. The gender pay gap and hostile sexism are two known issues that exist within the fashion industry and there would appear to be a correlation between this and the level of female representation in executive positions in a male dominated hierarchal industry.