Danielle Mazur

Danielle Mazur

COURSE: Fashion Business & Promotion 2016


TITLE: Nomad

Authentic, Collaborative and Honest Design.
Due to society being entrenched in fast culture, and as consumers are beginning to shy away from the excessive use of technology, interlinking to the behavioural theory of Digiphrenia, this led to the launch of a new lifestyle brand Nomad, who prides itself on advocating the slowing down movement.
Stemming from the research conducted for my dissertation, which focused on the digital and technological age, there was an evident link of consumer groups, particularly millennials, who were shying away from the excessive use of technology, instead favouring real-life experiences opposed to virtual. This behavioural pattern interlinked with Douglas Rushkoff's theory of 'Digiphrenia', where people are becoming overwhelmed by the digital world that society has become accustomed to. This sought the development of a new business proposition - 'Nomad' for my final major project.

Considering the distancing from technology is expected to be a trend that will be of growing influence in the future, the business proposition details a new concept and lifestyle brand, Nomad, whose values centre on promoting the ‘slowing down movement’ rivaling mass production, and fast processes. Nomad recognises the opportunity to redefine the shopping experience through a travelling retail concept, promoting a lifestyle that consumers can become apart of. Catering to conscious consumers who seek longevity from their products, the brand values authenticity and an honest design process, comprehending the greater force of sustainability, and tradition, becoming more impactful on consumers buying behaviour.

Collaboration is the prime value that is integral to Nomad’s brand ethos, through crafting relationships with artisans to produce exquisite products, ensuring they receive the upmost recognition that they deserve. By doing this consumers will have access to an eclectic box of treasures that they are able to fully appreciate, as they exhibit complete craftsmanship, which will be persevered through the longevity of the item.

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