Danielle Lewis

Danielle Lewis

COURSE: Fashion 2020


Design for Performance 2020

The Three Day Party

Final Major Project

A collaboration with Sudeley Castle

This is a collaboration project with Sudeley Castle a historic landmark located in Gloucestershire. The aim was to create two display costumes to join their collection of Tudor kings and Queens. Sudeley Castle has a rich history with some very interesting occurrences throughout the Tudor and Elizabethan periods. These themes are explored throughout this portfolio.

Within this collaboration Sudeley Castle has given me the freedom to research the period and create costumes that I believe would work well for their display. Being able to combine elements of Sudeley within my designs and research has allowed for a fun take on this project due to certain aspects such as garment shapes already decided.

Throughout this project I have been given the opportunity to learn many new things and progress my work to a high standard. Working with Sudeley castle has been a pleasure as the have let me do what I think would work best. As well as supporting my creativity they were very helpful and gave me a lot of information about the castle and the visit from Queen Elizabeth. This information allowed me to progress further with my research and allowed me to find inspiration in my work.

As my Final major project was based around historical costume I do believe it was a risk as the shapes were already decided for me although I didn’t find this limited me in any way, if anything it made me more creative as I had to think of ways I could use the original shapes and give them a fun feel. To achieve this I concentrated on surface detail quite a bit, such as the embroidery for Queen Elizabeth’s garment and the slashing for Baron Chandos’ doublet and trunkhose.

I am pleased with what I achieved although disappointed that due to Covid-19 it wasn’t possible for me to make my final garments. I would like to continue this project and in the future be able to make these costume for the display at Sudeley castle when things are back to normal.