Daniella Ward

Daniella Ward



Amazon Echo Bloom

“When technology really works, it empowers the consumer. In beauty, I don’t think this makes any difference.” – Sebastian Garcia-Vinyard, Group Brand Director, Neutrogena

I aspire to lead and strategically prepare the cosmetic industry for future innovations within technology.

You’re probably expecting to read about how I’m “hard working” and “ambitious”, but I’ll allow my portfolio show you that. Instead, I want to really discuss who I am, without all the fluffy adjectives.

My final major project allowed me to explore my two key fascinations, skincare and technology. Following research into current zeitgeists, I developed, established and marketed my very own concept of the Amazon Echo Bloom, a smart mirror device that blends current smart home features with emerging skin scanning technology. It uses AI machine learning and skincare expert knowledge to identify personal skin conditions and advise products to target consumer’s concerns and enhance their confidence. I constructed a business plan that stimulated the commercial side of my brain where I developed consumer tribes and profiles along with financial, operational and marketing strategies. Additionally, my creative outcomes of directing, filming and editing promotional videos, developing an app and designing the product itself allowed the creative side of my brain to blossom also.

I am a people person, I thrive through communication and I am in my prime when meeting new people. I pride myself on my adaptation and conversation skills with all different kinds of personalities. Through this, I envision new concepts and develop ideas into commercial realities. My brain is pretty much split 50% creative and 50% business minded. I vision new ideas as a mood board in my head, however establish them with a clear commercial target and strategy.

Having obtained extensive experience on both sides of cosmetic retail over a number of years with Estee Lauder, Bobbi Brown and Origins, I am exposed to the reality of consumer’s buying patterns and behavior in store, with further knowledge and skill sets to not only meet, but also exceed consumer desires through marketing in head office. Determined to prepare the cosmetic industry for the emerging take over of Generation Z, I am aspiring for a career within cosmetic marketing.