Daisy Needham

Daisy Needham

COURSE: Fashion Business & Promotion 2020



“At the core of what teenagers are interested in, is identity – the idea that they control who they are, their bodies and what they say” - Thomas Gorton

Over-The-Counter is an AI and fashion psychology community platform app dedicated to changing the narrative surrounding fashion wellbeing. The service is offered on a 'prescription' type basis, providing insightful and educational tailormade workshops on topics such as identity, personal description and emotive expression through the use of clothing. All of the workshops are delivered by trained wellness coaches and fashion psychologists to provide the highest level of advice and information. It works in partnership with emotional insight technology company RealEyes, to allow consumers to make more informed emotional shopping choices. Shoppable look books are also generated to each personal consumer mood, detected using this emotional insight technology.

Over-The-Counter is not only a personal educational tool, but also a commercial one. It provides consumers with the information and tools to make shopping choices that they feel are more authentically aligned with who they want to be, but also can be used as the framework for other brands to learn the benefits of using the psychological profile of their consumer.

Over-The-Counter is targeted at the digital native generation that lives between the digital and physical worlds, generation Z. They are the generation that want products that support their physical, mental and emotional well-being through tech-enabled playful interactions. The core interest of this generation is to manifest individual identity, the idea that they have control over who they are, what they say and their bodies. Over-The-Counter was made in response to this generation by providing a platform that allows consumers to translate emotional wellbeing into something that is accessible to everyone, clothing.

The final outcomes of this Independent Major Project included an app, marketing mock-ups, a business plan and a look book styled by myself. Formed by extensive desk, field and trend research and analysis, my major project allowed me to learn, develop and create amazing content.