Courtney Donegal

Courtney Donegal

COURSE: Fashion Business & Promotion 2018



A woman embracing her natural hair should not lead to feelings of alienation, but be an empowering inspiration to us all

Discrimination against natural hair still exists, how can we support and guide young naturals to love each of their unique curls

Through the exploration of the positives effects of YouTube Influencers on young girls for my dissertation, whilst exploring the negatives impact on natural haired women. I have developed a passion for online marketing, video content and PR. I seek to develop and build a career within these sectors and reach an advanced level of marketing knowledge.

A service designed to support the natural-haired millennial; Curlsulation is available through a convenient mobile app. Users will interact with an engaging consultation to receive their tailored subscription curl box, designed to inform and educate the user. The consultation is presented in the style of text messages, ensuring it is comfortable and familiar to the demographic. The advanced technology will create a hair profile from the results for each individual, and users will receive products, inspirational tips, and information for their unique curls.
Curlsultation strives to promote natural hair through its online content and reinforce the brand message. Users will feel welcomed, with current affairs showing that women are rejected from jobs because of wearing their hair natural. It’s vital that a platform like Curlsultation exists and is here to educate, support and guide young women towards their natural hair journey.