Courteney Marshall

Courteney Marshall

Courteney Marshall


Modern Manhood

‘Diamonds are made under pressure’ (BeckyJohnstone,2019)

An upcoming BA (Hons) Fashion Business and Promotion graduate. Throughout my three years at Birmingham City University, an extensive amount of skills has been gained through a vast amount of modules. These include a various range of software such as; InDesign, Photoshop, Premiere Pro, Illustrator, Sketch Up and After Effects.

My Dissertations aim is to identify the future of Neutral Culture in retail. Furthermore, I analysed the social, cultural and historical impacts of Neutral Culture, while acknowledging the trends which are aiding the rise in the fluid movement. Thorough research will be carried out to identify a tribe within the Generation Z consumer, due to them being the generation who are challenging ideologies and creating movements within society. The research concluded throughout that Neutral Culture is on the rise. However, society and retailers are reacting slow. Therefore, brands must start thinking about giving their Generation Z consumers the experience they aspire for, to secure customer loyalty. After researching a broad area for my dissertation, through elimination, I proceeded to choose what I was most interested in, and this is what led to ‘Modern Manhood’ for my Final Major Project.

Brewdog's modern manhood- men's mental health club will launch a new beer in conjunction with a virtual community. The beer will be called modern manhood to represent the club concentrating heavily on the hoppy, citrus taste and non-alcoholic. The club will work in partnership with a non-profit organisation calm, who will receive 30% of every beer sold.

Modern manhood is a response of three key drivers which are driving consumer behaviour such as; demands for more male mental health support, decreasing use in social media to improve mental health and male social constructs. The consumer tribe identified in the business plan were the generation mental wellness creatives. These consumers are aware of their mental health and they are exploring the low alcohol sector in further depth. Licensing act 2003 states that alcohol means beer, wine, cider, spirits and other liquors over 0.5% abv. Therefore, any drink below 0.5% abv is not classed as alcohol. The non-alcoholic market has grown by 13% and continues to be the fastest of any alcohol strength brand in the uk. This highlights an opportunity for brewdog to expand into.

Operations for this club will take place 2 months prior to launch for technical brewing. Modern Manhood in the first year of launching will use fifteen of their bars around the UK as locations for the organised club members meet up's. The club benefits from being graphically interesting and has aims to spread awareness of toxic masculinity.

According to Brewdog's cashflow forecast, Brewdog will be making a profit of £3543, the primary reason for this campaign is to provide a community for men to feel at ease. Therefore, the campaign reaps benefits for all those involved, the consumer, calm, and Brewdog.

To complete the package, a brand style guide was created to strengthen the brands identity and ensure effective use of branding.