Coral Ann Newcombe

Coral Ann Newcombe

Coral Ann Newcombe

COURSE: Fashion 2020


Design for Performance 2020


Ethereal Woodland

Ethereal Woodland is a project based around an alternative bridalwear and bespoke lingerie business idea. Through a collaboration with mentor Rosie Dennington, of Rosie Red Corsetry, I created my own business plan - 'Coral Ann Couture'. My aim was to provide bridal garments for clients who want a balance between delicate romance and alternative themes such as fantasy or sci-fi.

The concept began with my own experience growing up surrounded by woodlands. To make this collection personal to me, I conducted primary research in the forests around my home. I then combined this with fantasy, elven elements from 'The Lord of the Rings'. This collection would act as a start-up for 'Coral Ann Couture', therefore it was important for me to choose a concept that clearly show how a particular theme could be subtly implemented into a bride's outfits.

The three outfits follow the requirements set out in the business plan by focusing on luxury bridal wear and lingerie, whilst emphasising the corsetry elements. This collection had to have a high attention to detail, particularly looking at embellishments such as beading and embroider. These are areas that I've always wanted to explore within my work.

I would also like to mention the collaboration partners that I communicated this during the design process - 3D designer, Thomas Plant, and photographer, Chloe Price. Although I was unable to complete the final photoshoot at this time due to COVID19 measures, I'm grateful that I had the chance to collaborate with both people, and we are planning to combine our work on this project in the future.

I have thoroughly enjoyed working on this project, and I believe it provides a good starting point for me to explore a career in the bridalwear and lingerie industries.