Claudia Finn

Claudia Finn

COURSE: Fashion Business & Promotion 2016



The changing demographic profile of the UK is a major influence on consumer purchasing power, shopping behaviour and shopping preferences
Over the next ten years two-thirds of all retail spending growth will come from those aged 55 and over
A bright and articulate recent graduate with a strong academic record and a natural aptitude for marketing and gaining insights into consumer demands.

It can be argued that this increasing trend of aging population may be one of the most influential demographic forces shaping the UK retail market, indicating a large elderly consumer group for retailers. Majority of retailers focus predominantly on the younger generation as their key consumer. This current reality is well and truly evident from presentation on catwalks, magazine spreads and TV and is noticed amongst different consumers.

The ageist attitude surrounding women especially for women beyond a certain age still remains an issue within our society today. This group commonly known as the baby boomers are to a greater part stereotyped within the fashion industry as a whole. There’s this fascination with all things youth with majority of retailers focusing predominantly on the younger generation as their key consumer.

With the above information gained in my dissertation aimed to solve the problem in order to be more inclusive within society to this 5o+ demographic by exclusively targeting them and providing a fair representation for this promising active generation who could be the most influential demographic shaping the UK retail market. With rising interest in health and fitness among women and with the current body image proving to be a trend amongst generations this group of baby boomers also hopes to maintain these lifestyles. Therefore the introduction of Alter -Active responds to the needs and demands of this growing ageing population group, who portray new found attitudes and refuse to give into the age process and instead pride themselves with staying fit and active.

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