Claudia Ferraretto

Claudia Ferraretto



Final Major Project


"If you try to create something people enjoy, and it happens to be made in a responsible way, then that’s when you can really strike an incredible balance" -Stella McCartney

I believe creativeness, trend forecasting and market insights are 3 of my strengths, that allow me to understand and develop what products consumers need and will need in the future, how they want them to look and how they want them to make them feel.
With consumers more demanding and competition on the rise, understanding customers’ behaviour and what they are really looking for when purchasing, is key for a successful business, guaranteeing a unique experience.
This is why I aim for a role within the Product Marketing department, as I also think it could be perfect chance to fully utilised skills and abilities gained thanks to education and work experiences.

With Sustainability and transparency becoming key requirements for consumers, and a growing demand that drives business strategies to a more sustainable and transparent approach, I have decided to focus my Final Major Project into developing an app that could have better improved the sustainable fashion market.
As a matter of fact, the fashion industry is recognised to be the second largest polluter industry, so that more existing brands are investing into research for more sustainable ideas, while new fashion brands 100% eco-friendly are rising within the market.
Nevertheless, a major problem has been identified: conscious consumers are struggling with finding sustainable brands where to shop from, due to brands’ poor marketing strategies or not enough budgets available.

Globe is a mobile social app thought for the rising tribe of conscious shoppers, that want to be part of the big “save the planet” movement, by embracing sustainability within their fashion purchases.
It is a new business concept that aims to make sustainable fashion more enjoyable, faster and easier to shop. Thanks to the integration of AI technologies, users will be able to take photos or screenshots of clothing they like, to then let AI to research all the similar but sustainable only options available on the market.
A collaboration with the British Fashion Council will provide the sustainable brands featured with the “Positive Fashion” trademark, to guarantee trustworthiness and reliability. This will also help brands and their collections to be competitive in the market, by taking advantage of Globe as a media channel to reach conscious shoppers.
Furthermore, Globe will stand for a sustainable community online, becoming a meeting place for like-minded people and their sustainable lifestyle, representing the first social network community focused on sustainable fashion.