Claude Hunter

Claude Hunter

COURSE: Fashion Business & Promotion 2018


Green Resource Supply Movement

United Sustainable movement enhancing material / resource knowledge through green business, informing ethical consumer in the United Kingdom

Wtihin the research that has unfolded throughout the investigation, it has been identified that there is a position for a new ethically sust

I have been studying fashion since the age of 16 focusing on fashion and textiles. I would describe myself as a creative individual, who is passionate about building a professional career that is focused around creativity and beauty. My early studies allowed me to express creativity through working with clothing in a practical way however, I felt it was time to explore a different aspect of fashion and that is why I chose to do BA (Hons) Fashion Business and Promotion. Throughout the journey of studying my degree I have explored many different professional avenues that I have become interested in. As for my chosen career path coming out of university, I am interested in persuing Lifestyle Journalism, Fashion Media and Fashion Journalism.

Within my FMP, the concept for the Business Plan was taken from previous third year work. This involved extensive research into ethical sustainability and the impact this had on the fashion industry regarding natural resources / materials. The business focuses on events and marketing with the key mission being educating consumers in ethical fashion. The business continues to operate throughout the year, working with charities such as the Princes Charities Foundation. The Green Resource Supply Movement also has an online platform which is the agency’s official website. The website holds all the brand information and main event information, such as the guest speakers, REF Scale Label, location of main event, education and fashion in regard to ethical sustainability.

In terms of my professional future I am keen to build up experience in internships within fashion and other creative industries. I would envisage myself building up professional work experience within the United Kingdom, especially in London with brands such as Vogue, Ralph Lauren, Ted Baker and other notable brands. I also hope to professionally launch my own business based on ethical sustainability. The launch of the business will initially be within the United Kingdom market, however as the business develops it will grow from national status to an international presence. As the Green Resource Supply Movement continues to grow, as CEO I will determine when we are established within the United Kingdom market, and ticket sales increase (space of 2 - 5 years), the agency will be able to produce its own brand of ethically sustainable food and clothing.