COURSE: Fashion Business & Promotion 2020


Final Major Project - Wearable -

The idea of wearable initially came from the unpredictability of UK weather. While walking home from work, it started pouring rain and it was unexpected as it was a beautiful sunny weather in the morning. Being an international student, never experiencing this as it is summer all year long in Malaysia. After surveying and asking around, results show people facing the same problems with the unpredictable UK weather.

Wearable is a digital service that generates outfit suggestions based on the weather forecast whenever and wherever you are. Directly from your personal wardrobe, items are pulled to complete an outfit compatible to your
individual style, Made for everyday users and travellers. Aiding your packing experience for just the right weather without over or under-packing. plan your outfits ahead for day-to-day occasions or holidays.

This app targets millennials who are active social media users who enjoy travelling and fashion. As well as businessmen and women who live a fast pace lifestyle and travel often.

Few features of Wearable includes the Organising system that helps to filter and categorise items by garments and outfits. It shows details of when an outfit was last worn and for what occasion. With reminders of when to send an item to the dry clean or when to start packing for a trip. Working in-sync with a detailed weather forecast and AI technology for accurate weather predictions. This way, your outfit suggestions would prepare you for any weather.

The app is free to download with in-app advertising but a subscription option is available at £2.99 per month with full access to all features. Shop, Sell & Swap is one of the paid features available for users to shop, sell or swap their preloved items with other wearable users. This practices sustainable fashion. The Suitcase feature allows users to pack and plan for their upcoming trips with ease. The premium service provides users not only one suitcase, but multiple for users packing for the family, and the ability to share packing lists with other family members via email.