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Online community aiding a new era of comprehensive sex education

A graduate in BA(Hons) Fashion Business and Promotion desiring a career in visual communications and branding. Throughout my degree, I’ve gained skills including consumer analysis, looking into values and behaviours through theoretical studies to develop and deliver innovative and creative strategies. I recognized certain personal strengths in understanding type, layout and design through communication. A variety of work experiences in fashion retail has enabled me to understand the fashion industry along with my degree. My passion through visuals has accumulated from a drive to work in the in digital design sector and my degree has led me to strengthen such skills alongside research and analysis.

Title: "How are retailers defining feminism to heighten the Gen Z experience?"

A thorough discussion into the female representation in media and advertising and how Generation Z has affected brands ability to use female empowerment as a key marketing tool. The investigation began with research into the history of feminist waves and theories which found that social and political factors into the progression of women’s rights and representation in society. An in-depth exploration into Generation Z found the digital natives are highly accountable for emerging trends as the frontrunner demographic. Their activist values allows brands to show their support towards such social issues including gender, race and sexuality. Primary and secondary research was used through analysis of certain brand’s marketing strategies to represent how they have supported female empowerment including Always, Dove and Sport England’s ‘This Girl Can’ campaign. It was found that a new feminist wave is emerging led by Generation Z’s values and behaviours. An intersectional feminism represents all types of women including race, sexuality and disability.

Final Major Project

From further dissertation research, analysis into the emerging femtech market and the investigation of the lack of sex education, a concept was created.
The research had led my final major project to an informative app for young women aged 16-24 educating about sex, health and bodies. Pinkie’s focus on women is due to the lack of awareness of women’s body and taboo subject surrounding menstruation in the media. Through collaboration from graphic designers, a clear brand identity was established using graphics and visuals targeted to the generation z demographic.
A zine was published alongside including collaborative features from women working in industries, photo shoots of influencers and stories regarding sexual assault, contraceptive pill and body image. A photo shoot was organised from collaborations with models and a photographer where I had styled and directed to portray authentic influencers aesthetic. The zine represents an opportunity for the audience to read experiences from influencers that they can relate to as a new era of female empowerment is emerging around sex/body positivity.
Merchandise including stickers and badges were produced to allow the audience to feel like part of a club and comfortable to talk about the issues of their bodies and sexual health.

A business plan and marketing visuals were produced to support the final major project concept. Collaborators from industry experts guided the research following the business idea.