Christy-Ann Ollis

Christy-Ann Ollis

Christy-Ann Ollis

COURSE: Fashion 2018

Pathway: Design for Performance 2018


Christy-Ann for Katie Dell

Epicene Bridal Attire by Christy-Ann

For my Final Major Project on the fashion for performance pathway, I wanted to specialise in bridal wear and collaborate with a designer which will allow me to design and create an alternative Bridal attire collection.

I was given the oppurtunity to collaborate with the designer Katie Dell.

Katie Dell has 2 collections; The Waverley collection which consists of elegant and more traditional style dresses. The second collection is called The Margot collection which is based on bridal seperates, such as skirts and tops.

The Katie Dell bride is a bride who is slightly less traditional and more alternative, and wants to portray herself as best she can on her special day.

Katie Dell is starting to develop a ready to wear collection. The capsule collection I am to design and create a capsule bridal collection that Katie can bring with her to White Gallery in London. The collection is aimed to be sold wholesale and at an affordable price.

I am to design and create a capsule collection consisting of 7 looks to fit in with both the Waverley and Margot collections.
Christy-Ann Ollis