Chloe Williams

Chloe Williams

COURSE: Fashion Branding & Communication 2020



Looking for my next opportunity in fashion brand marketing, whilst being able to confidently use my skills and develop them more.

All aspects of branding are interests of mine, my skillsets leans towards a career in brand marketing development, however I have experience in fashion, editorial fashion and lifestyle brand marketing, which I’d like to explore further. Additional interests also include music, travel, and videography which are all featured on my online portfolio.

Gifted Creatives
Gifted Creatives is my final end of year project. It is a networking platform that helps the development of students and young professionals wanting to work within the creative industry. Students tend to leave university with a need for further support whilst navigating through their career path. Gifted Creatives was designed to be the support system to students and recent graduates. The platform would be online with a monthly membership subscription with a head office/collaborative working space.
While demonstrating my understanding of students needs and wants, I investigated the different aspects of what was needed to help students and young professions continue their progression in the creative industry. This was showcase both on a website and on social media.

Suitcase Magazine
Suitcase Magazine is a magazine that connects the two worlds of travel and fashion. In a university module I chose to reimagine Suitcase magazine in terms of both content and aesthetics; recreating articles which were on brand for the publication. Whilst using InDesign to mock-up realistic editorial pages I was able to reflect my understanding of the magazines brand by understanding the voice, tone and aesthetics of Suitcase, as it was important to capture the brands personality and aesthetics. Along with this I have showcased my editorial along with content and copywriting skills.

OME is a brand that supplies homeware accessories to university students living in halls and student homes at affordable prices. Creating OME allowed me to showcase my understanding of a particular demographic and answering to their needs and wants. By carrying out primary research, I was able to understand the target market, such as what they wanted for their rooms and the different characteristics of the target market, such as being characterised as a brand that is friendly and a go-to place for affordable homeware pieces. From this I was able to learn how OME communicates towards OME’s target market and where it would be best to purchase.