Chloe Thorn

Chloe Thorn

COURSE: Fashion 2016

Pathway: Fashion Communication 2016

TITLE: Acceptance

fashion needs no gender labels.
removing the labels with in fashion, creating a movement towards a society without labels and stereotypes.
creating a brand with the aim to remove labels and stereotypes within fashion.
removing labels and creating a genderless collection that has no labels, and welcomes people of all genders, sexuality, race and religion to shop in one single collection, showing society labels are a thing of the past and now not needed.

using the concept of acceptance to create the key drivers for the collection. looking at the increase of surgery due to lack of acceptance, also the acceptance for the LGBT community in certain cultures. exploring how without labels acceptance would be a given for everyone, sexuality, gender, race, religion would not effect who the person was as no labels and stereotypes would be given to a person.

asking the question do we need labels in society today?

this brand aims to create a movement towards a genderless society, not create a trend in fashion.

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