chloe rose moutter

chloe rose moutter

COURSE: Fashion Business & Promotion 2016


TITLE: KidsArmy

You can give people who cant afford it a chance to buy it, it’s amazing to touch another range of customers and another range of ages - Oliver Rousteing
As our attitudes adapt and society becomes more child-centric, it is vital for parents to invest in their kids!
Stemming from the research conducted for my dissertation, there was an evident link that celebrity endorsement is driving brands and fashion marketing. With celebrity offspring’s becoming the new faces for marketing campaigns, this sought the development of a new business concept to create a childrenswear collaboration – ‘KidsArmy’ for my final major project.

With a demographic seeking the pleasure of luxury designer led fashion for their children at an affordable price it is well established that it is presently ideal for the launch of KidsArmy to fulfill a gap in the childrenswear market. The collaboration will bring together highstreet retailer H&M and fashion house Balmain to create the first childrenswear exclusive collection on the high-street which is driven through the use of celebrity endorsed offspring’s, with the Beckham children being the key drivers. The collection aims to be an anticipated success that caters to the given parent consumer who seeks haute on high-street. The collaboration follows of the back from previous womenswear Balmain range for H&M and will furthermore create such momentum in the fashion market.

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