Chloe Pitt

Chloe Pitt

COURSE: Fashion 2021


Garment Technology 2021


Independent Project - ZARA

Alongside my final year at University, I had the opportunity to work within the childrenswear sector of the fashion industry. Throughout University I have solely focused on womenswear however, this placement has given me the opportunity to explore and understand childrenswear in depth. Whilst balancing both studying Garment Technology and undertaking a placement at the same time, I have been able to develop my technical skills, my attention to detail and time management. As a result of this experience, I have chosen to re-create and produce a capsule collection for Zara girlswear. Zara’s unique brand strategy and core values piqued my interest in wanting to re-create a selection of their garments. This portfolio showcases the development of the project from the initial designs from Zara, through to pattern cutting, grading and garment construction. The product range has progressed my pattern cutting, sewing and problem-solving skills through working with a variety of fabrics and challenging construction techniques.