Chloe Goodall

Chloe Goodall




We aim to increase user security and protect the revenue of entertainment streaming companies without compromising consumer loyalty.


A graduate in BA (Hons) Fashion Business and Promotion, aspiring to pursue a career within the Event Management industry. My enthusiasm towards the sector evolves from my personal interests within business planning and finance, whilst also being able to incorporate an element of design. Whilst undertaking my studies at Birmingham City University, the course has allowed me to develop my business and creative skills through the completion of a variety of projects. Alongside my studies, a part-time job has provided me with retail experience, including elements of visual merchandising and management.


Generated from threads surrounding identity, data protection and community, a trend emerged within the growing use of streaming services and account sharing. Following further extensive research, a concept developed that would aim to challenge the issue, without compromising the loyalty of current consumers:

verifID™ is a new patented security system created to increase user security and protect the revenue of entertainment streaming companies. The verifID™ biometric scanning system allows users frictionless access to their accounts, whilst the provider can ensure that they are only dealing with the actual account holder.

How It Works:

1. Brands You Love – We have teamed up with the UK’s leading entertainment streaming brands to regain your account details.
2. Biometric Technology – We are replacing traditional passwords with biometrics to provide ease, convenience and personalised
3. Receive Points – Users receive 10 points each time they verify their identity using their biometric password before streaming.
4. Get Rewards – See your points add up and exchange them for multiple personalised rewards.

Following the ideation, multiple outcomes were created to support the concept, including a mobile application prototype, website and business plan. Over the course of the module, I collaborated with Antstream, a games streaming company, to assist with the operations and logistics behind the business, as well as working together to build a working prototype.