Chloe Bradley

Chloe Bradley

Chloe Bradley

COURSE: Fashion 2018

Pathway: Design for Performance 2018

Creature from the pink lagoon

Collaboration piece with burlesque dancer Cherry Shakewell

This project is a collaboration between Chloe Bradley and Cherry Shakewell. Cherry is a burlesque performer, who has a clear aesthetic of a 1960's style bond girl, her performances take influence from vintage Sci-Fi, she is the modern day Barbarella.

Cherry recently started a new performance art in water, performing as a mermaid. It was decided that one costume would be fit for the purpose of an on stage burlesque performance, and the other costume would be 'merlesque', an underwater performance. The project explores the feminine form as a work of art. Inspiration is derived from the vast depths of the ocean filled with creatures, corals, sponges and shells. The gardens of the ocean , delicate in their form can bear a resemblance to the curves and folds of the female body, nude and flesh tones are the chosen colour palette for these pieces.

Chloe is passionate about the history of lingerie, for instance, vintage lingerie of the 1950s; which in some people's eyes can be described as 'frumpy and unattractive'. However, to others, layers upon layers of undergarments temporarily sculpting a 'womanly shape' can be viewed as a sensual practice, entering the world of fetish. Chloe considers the wearing of shapewear and corsetry an art form which would take dedication.